09 February 2013


Batch #024* came and went with a much more subdued gathering than #023* (By the way, the asterisk  denotes that the beer was brewed in the CA branch of catholicbeer as opposed to the WA branch).  It was a Dogfishhead 90 Minute IPA clone which I had attempted before with phenomenal results.  Luis actually declared it to be the favoritest beer he'd ever had.

By the time of the boil, everyone had departed (Eduardo, Luis, Wilson and Mitch) and I was left to continuously add hops for the next hour and a half.  It was freezing outside, so I took shelter in my garage with the comfort of Lord of the Rings.

Issues with this batch:
- ran out of propane during initial heating of strike water
- stuck sparge (got to figure this out...)
- should have boiled just a bit longer to decrease volume (a little over 5 gallons)


  1. Stuck sparge?!?!?!?! Boooooo....

    What happened? What are you going to do next time?

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