14 December 2013

Renew! Renew!

As I am chronically incapable of leaving well enough alone, I am working on replacing the compressor in my kegerator with a quieter AC unit. 

This is to be an interesting hack job as there are many factors that could make this not work.

1) Air conditioners are not generally designed to run at these temperatures and run the risk of freezing up from condensation that turns to ice.

2) Air conditioners are way more BTUs than refrigeration systems and are designed to be run continuously.  Retrofitting a temperature override can mean that the components are cycled on and off too quickly which could wear out the compressor.

3) Using an air conditioner instead of normal refrigeration cooling could means extra ducting needs to be fabricated since the cooling mechanism is on the outside of the refrigeration chamber.

Does this discourage me? Not really... Because science.

+  We're going to have to do some experimentation with this as many fills seem to be able to run these with no problems.  In fact the cooling units for walk in refrigerators are fundamentally similar so I feel this should, in principle, work.

+ I purchased a temperature controller that has an adjustable differential that can be set to avoid rapid switching of the compressor on and off.

+ This part just sounds like additional fun.

Behold, I have begun:

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